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Driving Licence Update

Paper Licence Holders – Obtaining a Driver qualification card (DQC)

As of the 18th October 2011, following the introduction of new regulation, Holders of a UK paper driving licence will be obliged to exchange it for a photocard licence to receive a DQC following completion of 35 hours periodic training. Paper licences will still be admissible for the attendance of periodic training.

Duration of Driver Certificate of professional competence (CPC) status for foreign licence holders who exchange for a UK licence

As of the 18th October 2011, drivers who exchange their licence to a UK licence and got their Driver CPC qualification in another Member State will receive Driver CPC qualification recognition for the unexpired part whatever the remaining duration maybe. From then on, after completing 35 hours periodic training in the UK, they will get Driver CPC for five years in line with other UK licence holders.

These drivers will have had their original Driver CPC status shown by a Code 95 on their driving licence or by a DQC.

If Code 95 has been used, DVLA will advise DVSA, who will then issue a DQC to the driver.

Drivers from Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man & Gibraltar

As of the 18 October 2011 drivers from the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Gibraltar who drive professionally in the EU, can apply for their initial Driver CPC qualification and take periodic training so that a driver qualification card (DQC) can be issued.

Existing vocational drivers

Drivers who obtained their vocational licence before the introduction of Driver CPC may undertake periodic training in GB. Trainers should accept their licence to prove entitlement and if the licence is a photocard licence, as proof of identity. Once they have completed 35 hours within 5 years, they may apply for a DQC using a DQC1 application form in the same way that a driver with a licence from another Member State would.(see )

New vocational drivers

Drivers from these islands who pass their licence acquisition since the introduction of Driver CPC can apply to DVSA to take the Driver CPC case studies (module 2) and Driver CPC practical demonstration test (module 4) by phoning 0300 200 1122.

Once both tests have been passed the driver should apply for a DQC using a DQC 1 application form. Drivers who wish to drive professionally in GB must then undertake 35 hours of periodic training.