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Gateway Uploads - Security

It is critical that all Driver CPC periodic training records on the DVSA’s Recording and Evidence database accurately reflect the training that your approved centre has delivered.

Government Gateway password control is key to ensuring that all records uploaded to DVSA are valid. Access should be limited to staff whose role it is to put uploads into the system. You should keep a log of who has access at any time and passwords should be changed regularly. If somebody leaves your organisation then you should ensure that passwords are changed so that they cannot continue to use your access without your authority. F

All Driver CPC Periodic Training should be supported by an audit trail in the form of an attendance sheet that documents the course, the trainer, the venue, the date and running times, who attended and what licence check was made. These original training records can be used to confirm details on DVSA’s database. You should also print out a receipt for each upload and the list of drivers uploaded.

As a professional and responsible training centre DVSA expects that you should regularly check your uploads against your auditable records and confirm that the uploads are accurate. In addition to checking uploads during the previous months this may mean conducting sample checks for periods longer ago. If there is any training uploaded that you cannot account for then you should investigate this fully. If you need to notify DVSA of any invalid uploads that you wish to have removed then you should notify the R&E team by e-mail on . You should give full details of your investigation including the causes of the incident and what steps you have taken to address the issue with the trainer and individual drivers concerned.

The actual mechanisms and scheme of control that you use to check uploads are for you to decide and implement. However, they need to be sound and robust.

All training records must be available for either a JAUPT or DVSA audit and should match the uploads recorded in DVSA’s system. If any discrepancies or omissions are identified then these will need to be fully investigated. Where training and uploads cannot be accounted for then the hours may be revoked from the Recording and Evidencing database.