We are currently experiencing the following issues following deployment to a new server last Thursday:

Logging In:  Some users are currently experiencing log in issues, we are working with our web developers to resolve this and will keep you updated.

Course QA visits: are not displaying on the website once they are reviewed, this has been reported to our web developers for further investigation, we will keep you updated on the progress of this.

Training Record Receipts: We are aware that some training records which are being uploaded to the website are not producing a receipt, where this occurs please take screen shots of any cancellations, edits or new records for audit purposes.

Newly Approved Courses:  Our web developers are investigating why newly approved courses are not appearing on the Course Overview and Training Schedule drop down view.  If you need to upload a course which is approved but is not appearing on the website please do this using the spreadsheet.

For further details or assistance please contact abbeyw@jaupt.org.uk