Know which legislation applies to the carriage of young people.
Understand the concerns passengers have when travelling with schoolchildren,
Understand the safety implications for drivers, schoolchildren and other customers of disruptive customer behaviour.
Respond to challenging situations and manage child behaviour in a positive way.
Understand how to resolve conflict in a constructive manner.
Raise concerns regarding child welfare with the appropriate agencies.
Know what is your professional code of conduct (as specified by the DVSA).
Fully understand the checks required before using a vehicle.
Understand current legislation regarding the carriage of people with disabilities (inc. PSVAR). Understand the difficulties customers with disabilities may face when travelling by bus/coach. Understand how to better assist customers with disabilities when using a passenger carrying vehicle and know how to use the equipment provided effectively.

Subject Areas

  • Customer Service
  • First Aid
  • Legislation for Carriage of Passengers
  • Professional Driver & Company Issues