By the end of the module drivers will have confirmed that they understand best practice and legal responsibility relating to vehicle daily checks and reporting of defects, Understand the requirements for a before use vehicle check. Know what actions to take on identifying a fault during the journey. Know the correct procedure for defect reporting. Drivers will have a greater understanding of their responsibilities under the road traffic act and the Provision and use of Work Equipment regulations, and a clearer understanding of why loads need to be secured properly to the vehicle and the penalties for not doing so. Drivers will demonstrate that they have an understanding of road accident procedures and that they know how to fill out an accident report form. The driver will understand the causes of vehicle roll over and 'jack knifing' and will be able to potentially predict situations with the aim of prevention. Identify contributing factors regarding vehicle rollover. Describe Centre of Gravity on a vehicle.Describe forces of gravity act upon a vehicle when cornering. Delegates will demonstrate a sound understanding of all elements of this course through knowledge checking by the trainer.

Subject Areas

  • First Aid
  • Health, Safety and Emergencies
  • Loading/Unloading (LGV)
  • Regulations for Carriage of Goods (LGV)
  • Vehicle Systems (Safety Controls)
  • Vehicle Systems (Transmission System)