1; Develop safe manual handling techniques 2; Identify unsafe manual handling techniques 3; Select alternate manual handling strategies 4; Recognise the different types of tail-lift 5; Identify different tail-lift controls 6; Select safe tail-lift operating procedures 7; Recognise the common types of trailer in use 8; Develop safe trailer coupling and uncoupling practices

Subject Areas

  • First Aid
  • Health, Safety and Emergencies
  • Loading/Unloading (LGV)
  • Personal Health and Wellbeing
  • Physical/Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Regulations for Carriage of Goods (LGV)
  • Regulations for Carriage of Passengers (PCV)
  • Vehicle Systems (Safety Controls)
Course dates
  • 21/03/2019 at 08:30 Unique Employment Services Ltd 5 Castle Street, Luton, LU1 3AA