1: Recomend the Approved codes of Practice for the Safe Loading of vehicles 2: Employ the Legislation governing the Safe Loading of vehicles 3: Identify and assess the forces acting on Vehicle Loads 4: Define the Driver's role in Customer service 5: State the Driver's infulence on customer relations 6: Identify the importance Vehicle Security 7: Employ the principles of Safe Parking 8: Use the principles of Crime prevention

Subject Areas

  • Customer Service / Disability Awareness (PCV)
  • Health, Safety and Emergencies
  • Legislation (including Drivers Hours, Rules and Regulations and the Working Time Directive)
  • Loading/Unloading (LGV)
  • Loading/Unloading (PCV)
  • Personal Health and Wellbeing
  • Physical/Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Prevention of Criminality and Trafficking
  • Professional Driver and Company Issues
  • Regulations for Carriage of Goods (LGV)
  • Regulations for Carriage of Passengers (PCV)
Course dates
  • 22/03/2019 at 08:30 Unique Employment Services Ltd 5 Castle Street, Luton, LU1 3AA