DEVELOP knowledge to increase compliance of constructions and use regulations, about the loading of vehicles and the effect driving forces have. REINFORCE awareness for practical driver personal safety across industry activities, including identifying and managing risk and driver actions for the prevention of trafficking. REINFORCE best practice for understanding, reducing and if necessary extinguishing fire risk whilst driving or at work.

Subject Areas

  • Health, Safety and Emergencies
  • Legislation (including Drivers Hours, Rules and Regulations and the Working Time Directive)
  • Loading/Unloading (LGV)
  • Loading/Unloading (PCV)
  • Personal Health and Wellbeing
  • Physical/Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Prevention of Criminality and Trafficking
  • Professional Driver and Company Issues
  • Regulations for Carriage of Goods (LGV)
  • Regulations for Carriage of Passengers (PCV)
  • Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving
  • Vehicle Systems (Safety Controls)