Application Forms and Guidance Documents

Downloadbtn Taxi Course Application, September 2020

 Downloadbtn TDPT Course Appraisal Criteria, February 2018 

Downloadbtn Child Sexual Exploitation Guidance, January 2018

DownloadbtnThe Taxi Drivers’ Licences Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2014



Downloadbtn TDPT Privacy Notice, February 2016

Downloadbtn TDPT Certificate of Attendance, February 2016

TDPT Course Materials

Instructions for download:

You will need to seek course approval via JAUPT to deliver these courses.

Please be aware you will need to be connected to the internet to view and play the embedded video content.  You may need to allow the content to be played. 

You can download the video content for use off line by visiting our YouTube channel here>  and then using a free/opensource YouTube video download tool.  If you require any assistance with this please contact us. 

DownloadbtnMandatory Disability Equality PowerPoint

DownloadbtnMandatory Making your taxi service inclusive PowerPoint


TDPT Upload Process

The Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) Taxi Driver Periodic Training (TDPT) online database is to be launched shortly and you will be sent login detail which will allow you to set up your account and upload any training hours attribute to TDPT for driver who attended your taxi courses.   We are aware that some providers have either delivered or are planning to deliver courses shortly and are unsure how they should notify DVA of training hours delivered.  If you have or are planning to deliver any taxi courses prior to the online database going live can you please fill in the form below and return it to .There is no charge for uploading TDPT training hours.

DownloadbtnTDPT Upload Form, February 2016