The ID requirements for Driver CPC Periodic Training have been amended to allow drivers more flexibility when attending courses. Before any training session starts, approved centres must check and evidence that all drivers have provided proof of their identity; they can do so using any of the following forms of photographic ID:

  • a photocard driving licence
  • a valid, in-date passport
  • a digital tachograph card
  • a driver qualification card (DQC)

In order for centres to record training hours on the DVSA R&E Database, the driver must also have presented their Driving Licence Number. Please note it remains the trainers' responsibility to ensure that the driver genuinely holds the driving licence number being presented.

Most of the acceptable forms of ID will satisfy this requirement; however, if a passport is presented, the centre must ensure a robust process is in place to verify the driving licence number provided is true and accurate. As a matter of best practice centres should also try to ensure that drivers hold relevant entitlement for the training they are participating in.

Suspended or revoked vocational entitlements

If the driver's vocational entitlement is suspended or revoked, the driver may complete classroom-based training ONLY, which can then count towards their 35hour accumulation.
If the driver's vocational entitlement has been suspended or revoked, they will not be able to complete any on-road driver training.