In  September this year 132 centres failed to inform us of any planned periodic training. However, during this period 984 courses were uploaded to the R&E system by these centres.

JAUPT contacts all approved centres on a monthly basis to request full details of any planned Driver CPC periodic training using the template at:  /templates, this information must then be returned to indicating your planned  courses for the set period.  Centres should submit nil returns if they have no periodic training planned.


We recently published a news article about cancelling your planned approved training to remind you of the process, we recommend that you regularly review  this document to ensure you are following the correct procedure.


As part of your centre approval you will have assured us that only eligible drivers will be  uploaded onto the Driver CPC R&E.  In September this year, 26 centres uploaded drivers to the R&E system who were not eligible: 


Number of occurrences

Driver did not hold Category C or D Licence


Driver had not completed Module 4


Driver did not hold a GB Licence


To prevent unnecessary financial transactions we recommend that centres regularly review their licence and entitlement checking procedure with all staff involved in the process.


During September this year, 91 approved centres uploaded to the R&E system after the 5 working day deadline. whilst we understand that there are sometimes valid reasons for this you have assured us that you will upload all eligible drivers within 5 working days of the course being completed and request that all centres strive to meet this deadline whenever possible.