The aim of Driver CPC is to improve road safety and help drivers become more professional in all aspects of their work.  Legislation references that training must be delivered “at or above Level 2”.  If there is evidence a periodic training course falls significantly below Level 2, the DVSA/DVA will not allow the hours to count towards the 35 hours required for Driver CPC periodic training and the training provider will not gain subsequent approval for the course without demonstrating that appropriate changes have been made.

What is Level 2?

A Level 2 involves applying knowledge to a range of varied work activities, which may be performed in a variety of different contexts in collaboration with others or autonomously.  The design and delivery of Driver CPC periodic training courses must therefore, include the knowledge and understanding that is needed to underpin the performance standards or competency required for a particular work activity. For example, we expect to see outcomes for periodic training courses that state that drivers will, after completion, be able to, ‘explain……..; explain how………; describe………; recognise……; describe how……..; identify……..;  decide.........’

It is advisable to use the learning outcomes of approved and regulated units of Level 2 and 3 qualifications which can be found at:

Centres and trainers that deliver Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ, SVQ and QCF (Level 5 and Level 6 SCQF) qualifications will already be familiar with these.  Centres and trainers need not limit themselves to searching and using only transport specific units as any Level 2 or Level 3 qualification could be used to help develop Driver CPC training courses.  However, no unit should be used or copied completely into a course.  Centres and trainers will exercise their own judgement and experience in how they use unit learning outcomes to help them develop the content of their intended Driver CPC training course.

The DVSA has published ‘National Standards for Driving Lorries and for Driving Buses and Coaches’.  These set out the expectations of the knowledge and skills needed by bus, coach and lorry drivers.  Driver CPC training should meet or exceed these Standards.  The standards can be found at: