DVSA have asked us to announce the improvement to the Driver CPC recording and evidencing system (R&E) to enable approved periodic trainers to directly upload the hours of non-UK drivers. This change will enable trainers to upload both UK and non-UK drivers simultaneously and forgoes completing the usual spreadsheet. DVSA envisage this will make uploading more straightforward for both trainers and their staff.

  • you can now upload UK and non-UK licence holders at the same time, pay any charges and no longer have to email the “Notification of EU Licence Holder Attending Driver CPC Periodic Training” template to DVSA
  • in order to upload a non-UK licence holder’s hours directly to the R&E system, during their periodic training you  should note their full name, date of birth and the member state that issued their driving licence. This is to help establish the driver’s identity
  • non-UK licence holders are still required to complete and return a DQC 1 form to DVSA in order to verify their entitlement and trigger the issue of their DQC
  • non-uk licence holders will not have access to the online driver enquiry service, should they wish to check how many periodic training hours have been uploaded they will need to contact DVSA at CPCRE@dsa.gsi.gov.uk
  • when uploading non-UK driver’s periodic training hours please ensure that you enter their EU driving licence number, as shown on the driving licence. Do not upload against their GB Counterpart number as this will cause problems with the upload.