The First-Tier Transport Tribunal recently ruled on an appeal against DVSA’s decision to refuse a periodic training course. DVSA’s decision was upheld and the Tribunal confirmed the Agency’s obligation to challenge courses, even those previously approved, if they decide the content does not adequately meet the requirements of the Driver CPC Directive.

The requirements have not changed but the ongoing Driver CPC quality assurance programme has identified course content that is not relevant to Driver CPC, is not transport contextualised i.e. PCV or LGV or is not driver focused. As a result JAUPT will no longer recommend the following content for approval:

  • seven hours of content focused on the operation of a fork lift truck
  • elements of Transport Manager CPC such as finance, business, taxation, marketing or organisational structure
  • driver assessor type course - training to become an assessor, coach, trainer

JAUPT are happy to work with training providers to ensure that courses meet the apprasial criteria (/media/666484/course-application-appraisal-criteria-march-17.pdfbut it will help the approvals process if approved Driver CPC centres review course applications against those criteria before submitting future applications. Trainers should note that the appraisal criteria is a working document that remains under review; JAUPT will inform you of any amendments.

If you are unsure or have any questions please contact JAUPT directly for support and guidance.