Please email with your proposal for completing DDR courses remotely.

1. How many offenders you can effectively deliver a remote DDR course to (DVSA expects this to be no more than 15)

2. How you will maintain offender engagement during the course

3. How you will ensure the course is two-way interactive.  Training must be via a video link or something similar with 2 way visual contact.  Please confirm all offenders will be engaged this way.

4. How you will try to stimulate the "group rehabilitation" aspect of a classroom-based DDR course

5. How you will allocate the outstanding hours to ensure a successful course completion

6. How you will manage the mixed/varied completion requirements for individual offenders

7. How you will carry out appropriate and robust ID checks and perform internal quality assurance

8. How you will manage attendance and break times

9. How you will manage a loss in connection

10. How you will ensure attendance records are maintained

11. Confirmation that you will provide JAUPT a link/access to each date of the course when you submit the scheduled course details so that they will be able to join the session

12. Confirmation that you keep a record of the previous course details for each offender to evidence partial completion, which may be checked at audit