Recognising professional PCV driver trainers

The PCV Licence to Practise register was set up to recognise PCV driver trainers who have achieved this consistent standard that operators are looking for. Originally managed by People 1st, the register evolved in 2013 to provide online registration to help operators identify people who hold the qualification more easily. As of October 2017, in order to maximise the benefits of the register JAUPT has been selected to hold and further develop the PCV register moving forward

Registered PCV driver trainers can use the system to promote themselves as professionals that meet the high standards employers require, and have access to some fantastic benefits including a certificate that will promote them as professionals to colleagues, employers and members of the public.  JAUPT will be organising events to bring professionals together.

After three years driver trainers can re-register by completing some CPD training. This will ensure their skills are kept up to date with what operators are looking for!

Approved centres can use registration to demonstrate to JAUPT that their driver trainers are competent to deliver CPC periodic training.

A three year approval for each application costs £50.00


PCV Application Form - January 2021 V2.0 - PDF