In March 2022, JAUPT advised the sector that the current professional register for bus and coach driving instructors was closed for new entry and that the National Register of LGV Instructors NRI) had been selected, following an open invitation, to develop and operate a new register.  

In discussion with JAUPT, NRI agreed to work towards a launch of the new register in late 2022, keeping the industry informed of progress as we do so. NRI has started work and here we explain the timetable and the activities we’ll undertake over the coming months.


NRI plan to launch the new register in late 2022 and will welcome all current members of the JAUPT register who wish to transfer to the new register, to do so at no cost.

NRI are talking to employers, training organisations and other stakeholders with the aim of creating a register which has wide support and endorsement across the sector.

The work involves activity to:

  • Define the scope of the register and the bus and coach driving instructors and assessors who will be eligible to join
  • Develop an NRI examination which instructors, their employers and other interested parties regard as a fair and rigorous test of competence to instruct and assess
  • Create the new register within the NRI systems and create appropriate membership cards
  • Finalise the fee structure and fees
  • Transfer members of the JAUPT register to NRI
  • Create professional development resources for bus and coach instructors and assessors
  • Create NRI website content and content for the government’s Safe Driving for Life website
  • Launch the register in late 2022 with trade press and social media content

NRI promotes vocational driver development as a high status, professional career. NRI register members are sent a quarterly e-shot with relevant articles and links to important news, ensuring that register members can be authoritative and confident in advising their employers and their candidates.

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