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DownloadbtnIssue #20 July 2017 - PDF, 5 pages

The articles in our July 2017 newsletter include: a message from DVSA/DVA on course approvals, Fair Processing Notice, making reconcilable BACS payments, Late Uploads notification, Routes Drivers can take along with an update on our Focus Groups and minor changes to the website.

Older Newsletters

Issue #19 Read here>

The articles in our April 2017 newsletter include: Details on the Application Appraisal Criteria documents that have been recently published, results of the Customer Satisfaction Survey, our Quality Assurance Centre and Course Checklists, an update on changes to our escalation processes, new staff, webinar dates, JAUPT responsibilities, Taxi CSE, the top 5 centre and course findings and some tips on submitting course summaries to us.

Issue #18 Read here>

In the February 2017 newsletter include: Inappropriate Content, Updating Contacts, R&E Guide Updated, Corrective Action Reporting System (CARS), Changes to Driver CPC recording and evidencing, R&E Queries – data protection rules, TDPT (NI) Fair Processing Notice, Cancelling Courses and amendments, Password Issues, Focus Groups – Take Part, Harry Miller Leaver – new Account Manager Claire Wootton

Issue #17 Read here>

In the December edition we highlight our seasonal opening times, change to the NVT Concession, Matching Syllabus Reference Numbers, Submitting Trainer Evidence, Logo Use, Electronic Approval Documentation, ODE, Escalation, Webinars, Stats, Telephones and our 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Issue #16 Read here>

In this edition we highlight the changes we have made to our QA Feedback process, remind you about informing us of your planned training, the new location for R&E Communications, provide an update on the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey, give you an update on our escalation processes and provide you with the results of our Quality Assurance Survey.

Issue #15 Read here>

This months newsletter contains: EU Referendum, Centre Quality Assurance Visits, Taxi Driver Periodic  Training Update, Update on the JAUPT website, JAUPT Contact List, Webinars and DFT Statistics

Issue #14  Read here>

Contents:  Links to updated GOV.UK content, clarification on issues raised on the escalation article in our May newsletter and the relaunch of our webinar survey.

Issue #13 May 2016 Read here>

Contents: The escalation processes, our updated walk through guides for using the website, our telephone system improvements, no obligation to exchange and Taxi Driver Periodic Training course material  

Issue #12 March 2016 Read here>

Contents:  Taxi Driver Periodic Training Update, changes to GOV.UK, Application Process Expalined, Please note:  The logo guidelines contained in this newsletter have been superseded and can now be found here >

Issue #11 February 2016 Read here>

Contents:  Quality Assurance Infographic, JAUPT Update:  Website, R&E Update:  Non-UK Licence holders, Save on P&P

Issue #10 January 2016 Read here>

Contents: Launch of JAUPT website log in facility for Approved Centres, Non-UK Licence holder process made simpler

Issue #9 December 2015 Read here>

Contents: R&E User guide, Level 2 Requirements, Multiple Uploads

Issue #8 October 2015 Read here>

Contents: Four Gentle Reminders, Nearly all lorry drivers complete CPC training, NI Taxi Driver periodic Training, NI Implement New DQC Arrangements, Taxi Driver Periodic Training - not in GB, Italian Drivers