What is Driver CPC periodic training?


Who doesn't need to complete the training?


How do I set up a Driver CPC training centre?


How do I run and manage a training course?


As a driver, how do I check my completed hours?

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  • Customer Satisfaction Survey 2019

    Thank you to those of you that took part in our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey 2019. 32% of contacts responded to us and we would like to share a summary of the results with you.

  • Sharing Passwords for JAUPT Website

    We have become aware that some approved centres have chosen to share their user details/passwords for the JAUPT website sign-in function. Sharing your password is a security breach and poses a risk to the data that can be accessed.

  • Updated QA Self-Assessment Forms

    We are pleased to announce that following a review our Quality Assurance Self-Assessment forms for centre and course have been updated.

  • Issuing Driver Qualification Cards

    In November 2016 JAUPT provided guidance for drivers and trainers about DQC validity dates. DVSA have now updated their guidance to make it clearer for drivers, operators and trainers