What is Driver CPC periodic training?


Who doesn't need to complete the training?


How do I set up a Driver CPC training centre?


How do I run and manage a training course?


As a driver, how do I check my completed hours?

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  • June 2016 Newsletter

    In this months edition we have clarified some issues raised from the May 2016 Escalation article, updated you with some changes to GOV.UK content and re-launched our webinar survey.

  • May 2016 Newsletter

    In this months edition we explain the escalation process, we have provided updated website guides for centres, tell you about our new telephone service and alert you to some new information on Taxi Driver Periodic Training.

  • March 2016 Newsletter

    In this months edition we have created an infographic which aims to help centres understand the Application process, we have provided an update on Taxi Driver Periodic Training (NI Only) and making payments.

  • Mass Upload Spreadsheet Template v2

    Please note we have deployed a change to the mass uploader spreadsheet within the sign-in section of this site. From today (03/03/2016 5pm) you will need to download the latest Version of the mass uploader spreadsheet. The current version for this is 'download an example file v2'.