Complaints & Whistleblowing

If you have a complaint about the conduct of an approved training centre or wish to report issues about an approved training course you attended such as:

  •        short delivery
  •         poor quality training
  •         inappropriate content
  •         unsuitable venue
  •         drivers not engaging in training
  •         other

Please email DVSA at JAUPT-Enquiries@dvsa.gov.uk with as much detail as possible.  If you can, please include:

  •        Centre name & address
  •        Training venue address
  •        Trainer name
  •        Course date
  •        Timeline/details of events

DVSA take complaints about  training very seriously and will investigate accordingly.

Complaints about Our Service

Complaints may be made over the telephone or in writing and will be recorded on our system so we can track progress and ensure they are dealt with in line with our Complaint Procedure.  Contact details may be required to enable us to provide a response.

A complaint should outline all concerns and relevant details to allow us to investigate the matter and deal with the complaint according.  


- All complaints must be recorded 

- Acknowledge written complaints within 5 working days of receipt

- A full investigation will be undertaken sensitively, fairly and without bias

- A full response including an explanation of findings and what corrective action will be taken will be provided within 10 working days.  If this is not possible due to the nature of the investigation reasonable timelines will be provide to the complainant and will be no longer than 30 working days.

- We will take corrective action where required and/or escalate the matter 

- Full details will be recorded of the case and any actions taken before the matter is closed.

Escalation of Complaints

If you are unsatisfied with the response to your complaint you can request for the matter to be escalated.

To make a complaint about a service we provide please email us at DCPC_CC@dvsa.gov.uk or contact us on 01908 787000.