DVA advises Taxi Driving Periodic Training (TDPT) providers to cease the delivery of classroom based periodic training. However it has decided to allow temporary authorisation to deliver approved TDPT courses remotely via digital platforms.  Proposals for authorisation must be submitted to DVA.

You will need to ensure the usual conditions of course approval are met, that any online forum is suitable for remote auditing and maintain appropriate records for quality assurance. You should consider:

  • how you will ensure the course is two-way interactive
  • how many drivers you can effectively deliver a remote TDPT course to
  • if the subject matter is suitable for remote delivery. Courses that feature an on road or practical element are unlikely to fit this model
  • how you will carry out appropriate and robust ID checks
  • how you will perform internal quality assurance
  • how you will manage attendance/break times to ensure the course is the right length
  • how to maintain driver engagement during the course
  • how you will manage a loss in connection
  • how you will ensure that documentation such as attendance records are maintained
  • how you will advise JAUPT of the details to remotely access the course so that they or DVA will be able to join the session at multiple (and random) points throughout for the purposes of Quality Assurance

Providers who want to deliver remotely can contact DVA at tdpt@infrastructure-ni.gov.uk to provide a summary of their proposed remote delivery model.  You should note that this provision is for a limited time and is not intended as a permanent substitute for classroom training. 

DVA will keep these arrangements under review in line with developments in the government’s advice.  All training providers should follow guidance about minimising the risk of the spreading coronavirus gov.uk Specific information for the education sector can be found at gov.uk and