We’re committed to ensuring that JAUPT consistently meets high standards. 

Our customer service standards are to:

  • Process all valid and complete [1] centre and course applications within 15 working days
  • Where we are unable to process an application due to it being incomplete or invalid (despite requesting additional information) within the 30 working day period, the application maybe refused [2]
  • Respond to correspondence including complaints within 5 working days

[1] A complete and valid application means an application that contains all the required information and the relevant fee to enable the application to be processed. The application must be supported by evidence to show compliance with the requirements for approval under the relevant legislation.

[2] If an application is refused this means that the approval has not been granted. There is no provision for refunds under the Vehicle Drivers (Certificate of Professional Competence) Regulations 2007.

If you have any concerns about us not meeting these then please feel free to contact us.

Please be aware that if you are making or receiving telephone calls, that these are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.