• NI TDPT - Raising CSE Awareness

    Taxi drivers are in an ideal position to play a key role in helping to protect vulnerable young people. In their work, they may see or suspect cases of child sexual exploitation but do not know what to do with any concerns they may have. All taxi drivers in Northern Ireland must complete 35 hours periodic training every five years. This training can cover a range of subjects ranging from Vehicles Systems to Personal Health and Wellbeing. The Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA), responsible for periodic training, believe that CSE training fits in well with taxi driver periodic training and as such it will now be included as a subject area within taxi periodic training syllabus. This move will ensure that no additional expense will be incurred by taxi drivers who take CSE awareness training as part of their mandatory 35 hours periodic training.

  • New NI TDPT Application Form Available

    The NI TDPT application form has been updated to include CSE and some other minor administrative form completion changes.

  • Updated Example Fair Processing Notice

    The Fair Processing Notice has been Updated Tell drivers how you’ll use their personal information You must tell drivers about how you collect, use, disclose, keep and dispose of their personal data. You should do this using a ‘fair processing notice’ before you start the actual training. You should do this verbally to check drivers have understood. You can download a template of a fair processing notice.

  • Course Content Update

    The First-Tier Transport Tribunal recently ruled on an appeal against DVSA’s decision to refuse a periodic training course. DVSA’s decision was upheld and the Tribunal confirmed the Agency’s obligation to challenge courses, even those previously approved, if they decide the content does not adequately meet the requirements of the Driver CPC Directive.

  • New NVT Application Form

    Please be aware we have now published an updated NVT Application Form along with details on the scheme.

  • Potential Delays with Pre-Funded Account

    Potential Delays with Pre-Funded Accounts DVSA have asked us to highlight that periodic training centres who use Pre-Funded Accounts (PFAs) may currently experience some delays when topping up their accounts. There is no issue paying upload fees from accounts that are already in credit. DVSA have confirmed that they are aware of the problem and are working on a solution, they do not envisage delays will be substantial and are confident that the issue will be resolved shortly. They ask that, when possible, centres who use PFA’s plan accordingly to minimise potential disruption to drivers.

  • Quality Assurance Update

    Following feedback from centres we have developed an example Trainer Register and CPD Training Record. These documents have been created to help you meet the requirements that are checked at the Quality Assurance visits.

  • Changes to the Driver CPC Logo Guideline

    We are pleased to announce that following feedback from Approved Centres new logo guidelines have been published.

  • BACS Payments

    In order for BACS payments to be reconciled against the correct application, please ensure that you provide the following details on your remittance advice: Payment Date Payment Amount Organisation Name Course Name (if applicable) Payment Reference The payment reference that you provide your bank should start with JAUPT and then please include a unique reference number if possible e.g. the CRS number or something like C0U45e, this will help us to match your payment to the relevant application and will ensure that applications can be processed quickly.

  • July 2017 Newsletter

    The articles in our July 2017 newsletter include: a message from DVSA/DVA on course approvals, Fair Processing Notice, making reconcilable BACS payments, Late Uploads notification, Routes Drivers can take along with an update on our Focus Groups and minor changes to the website.

  • April 2017 Newsletter

    The articles in our April 2017 newsletter include: Details on the Application Appraisal Criteria documents that have been recently published, results of the Customer Satisfaction Survey, our Quality Assurance Centre and Course Checklists, an update on changes to our escalation processes, new staff, webinar dates, JAUPT responsibilities, Taxi CSE, the top 5 centre and course findings and some tips on submitting course summaries to us.

  • February 2017 Newsletter

    Articles in this months edition of the newsletter: Inappropriate Content, Updating Contacts, R&E Guide Updated, Corrective Action Reporting System (CARS), Changes to Driver CPC recording and evidencing, R&E Queries – data protection rules, TDPT (NI) Fair Processing Notice, Cancelling Courses and amendments, Password Issues, Focus Groups – Take Part, Harry Miller Leaver – new Account Manager Claire Wootton