• Sharing Passwords for JAUPT Website

    We have become aware that some approved centres have chosen to share their user details/passwords for the JAUPT website sign-in function. Sharing your password is a security breach and poses a risk to the data that can be accessed.

  • Updated QA Self-Assessment Forms

    We are pleased to announce that following a review our Quality Assurance Self-Assessment forms for centre and course have been updated.

  • Issuing Driver Qualification Cards

    In November 2016 JAUPT provided guidance for drivers and trainers about DQC validity dates. DVSA have now updated their guidance to make it clearer for drivers, operators and trainers

  • Updated Website Guide DCPC/TDPT

    We are pleased to announce that we have reviewed the website user guide and trailed this with Focus Groups to ensure easy of use and inclusion of newer functions.

  • Updated Documents

    We have updated our Course Appraisal Criteria documents to include more information on what we look at when processing course applications. Please note the requirements for Driver CPC and Taxi Driver periodic training course applications have not changed.

  • Document Updates

    We have updated our Centre Appraisal Criteria to include more information on what we look at when processing centre applications. To support this we have also updated the Scheme of Control Guidance. Please note the requirements for Driver CPC centre applications have not changed. These documents are available on the JAUPT website or by clicking the links below: JAUPT Appraisal Criteria Centre Application: https://www.jaupt.org.uk/media/666481/centre-application-appraisal-criteria-100118.pdf Guidance on Completing a Scheme of Control: https://www.jaupt.org.uk/media/723231/scheme-of-control-guidance-review.pdf To assist centres with understanding some of the terminology we use we have also published a Glossary of Terms, which can be found on the JAUPT website at: https://www.jaupt.org.uk/media/722324/glossary-of-terms.pdf We hope these documents are helpful, if you have any queries please contact your Account Manager or email enquiries@jaupt.org.uk

  • NI TDPT - Raising CSE Awareness

    Taxi drivers are in an ideal position to play a key role in helping to protect vulnerable young people. In their work, they may see or suspect cases of child sexual exploitation but do not know what to do with any concerns they may have. All taxi drivers in Northern Ireland must complete 35 hours periodic training every five years. This training can cover a range of subjects ranging from Vehicles Systems to Personal Health and Wellbeing. The Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA), responsible for periodic training, believe that CSE training fits in well with taxi driver periodic training and as such it will now be included as a subject area within taxi periodic training syllabus. This move will ensure that no additional expense will be incurred by taxi drivers who take CSE awareness training as part of their mandatory 35 hours periodic training.

  • New NI TDPT Application Form Available

    The NI TDPT application form has been updated to include CSE and some other minor administrative form completion changes.