• New Centre and Course Application Forms

    From 9.30am tomorrow the new centre and course application forms will be available at GOV.UK. These will be effective from 1st January 2017 but can be used as of 15th November 2016.

  • Issuing Driver Qualification Cards

    DVSA have asked us to distribute guidance they have produced about a change of process to DQC validity dates as follows: DVSA has recently amended the Driver CPC recording and evidencing system so that it will only issue drivers with a new card at the time that they need to receive it. Drivers who complete their periodic training early in the cycle will no longer receive a DQC with an expiry date of more than 5 years. Any periodic training they’ve already recorded in their current cycle won’t be affected, so they won’t lose their hours.

  • Website Issue - Incorrect Date

    It has been brought to our attention that dates are not being recorded correctly on the receipt which is produced following an upload of training dates. Please be assured that the date you have entered will be displaying in our records correctly but the receipt will show the day before. This has been reported to our web developers and will be resolved as soon as possible.

  • October 2016 Newsletter

    In this months edition we highlight the changes we have made to our QA Feedback process, remind you about informing us of your planned training, the new location for R&E Communications, provide an update on the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey, give you an update on our escalation processes and provide you with the results of our Quality Assurance Survey

  • July 2016 Newsletter

    This months newsletter contains: EU Referendum, Centre Quality Assurance Visits, Taxi Driver Periodic Training Update, Update on the JAUPT website, JAUPT Contact List, Webinars and DFT Statistics

  • June 2016 Newsletter

    In this months edition we have clarified some issues raised from the May 2016 Escalation article, updated you with some changes to GOV.UK content and re-launched our webinar survey.

  • May 2016 Newsletter

    In this months edition we explain the escalation process, we have provided updated website guides for centres, tell you about our new telephone service and alert you to some new information on Taxi Driver Periodic Training.

  • March 2016 Newsletter

    In this months edition we have created an infographic which aims to help centres understand the Application process, we have provided an update on Taxi Driver Periodic Training (NI Only) and making payments.

  • Mass Upload Spreadsheet Template v2

    Please note we have deployed a change to the mass uploader spreadsheet within the sign-in section of this site. From today (03/03/2016 5pm) you will need to download the latest Version of the mass uploader spreadsheet. The current version for this is 'download an example file v2'.

  • February 2016 Newsletter

    We have sent out our February 2016 newsletter. This month we are pleased to have published articles which aim to help centres understand the Quality Assurance Visit process, the latest R&E Improvements along with feedback and updates on using the JAUPT centre sign-in pages.

  • Non-UK Licence Upload Process Made Simpler

    DVSA have asked us to announce the improvement to the Driver CPC recording and evidencing system (R&E) to enable approved periodic trainers to directly upload the hours of non-UK drivers.

  • Process Mapping Tools

    In the next couple of months JAUPT will be developing some interactive tools to help new and approved centres understand our processes.